Davis Cup Tennis Qualifiers Live Stream 2024

Davis Cup Qualifiers Live Stream Tennis

Davis Cup Tennis Qualifiers Live Stream 2024

2024 Davis Cup Qualifiers Draw Live - The World Cup of Tennis

Tennis is the most-watched and well-liked sport in the world and it’s the only game that continues the whole year in the shape of different international and national events. The 112th edition of the Davis Cup qualifying round between national teams is going to be staged from 2-4 February 2024 at Malaga. The Reno is proud to host 12 Davis Cup and 24 teams are going to compete in the qualifying round in February, furthermore, 12 of 24 teams will be selected and qualified for the Davis Cup Finals. However, 12 losing teams who are defeated by winning teams will be a part of the World Group.

When will the Davis Cup Qualify Round take place?

The 2024 Qualifying Round of the Davis Cup will be started from 2-4 February at Malaga.

How Many teams are taking part in the qualifying round of the Davis Cup?

There is a total of 24 teams competing in the qualifying round and 12 lucky teams will be selected for the Davis Cup finals which are scheduled on September 2024 where group stages will be fought for finals and then 8 winning teams will compete for a knockout round in November.

Who was the winner of the Davis Cup 2023?

Italy was a proud title winner of the Davis Cup 2023. Australia was a defeated team in the finals.

What is the prize money for Davis Cup 2022?

Davis Cup prize money has been distributed in zones:

1: Winner — $2.1 million
2: Runner Up — $1.5 million
3: Semi-Final — $1.3 million
4: Quarterfinal — $1.1 million
5: Group Stages — $514,000


Who got the wild cards for the Davis Cup 2023 Finals?

The wild cards secret comes out from the shell recently and that reveals about Davis Cup by Rakuten Finals 2023 wild cards, Italy and Spain are lucky to receive wild cards.


How to watch Davis Cup Qualifying – Davis Cup Schedule 2024




2-4 February 2024

Canada vs Korean Republic


2-4 February 2024

Serbia vs Slovakia


2-4 February 2024

Croatia vs Belgium


2-4 February 2024

Hungary vs Germany


2-4 February 2024

Netherlands vs Switzerland


2-4 February 2024

Czechia vs Israel


2-4 February 2024

Ukraine vs USA


2-4 February 2024

Finland vs Portugal


2-4 February 2024

Chinese Taipei vs France

Chinese Taipei

2-4 February 2024

Argentina vs Kazakhstan


2-4 February 2024

Sweden vs Brazil


2-4 February 2024

Chile vs Peru



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